Nicholls State University-NSU

Nicholls Tell Lincoln, founded in 1948, is a national university settled in Thibodaux, Louisiana, USA. Nicholls is tune of the University of Louisiana Grouping of universities. Originally titled Francis T. Nicholls Young College, the lincoln is titled for Francis T. Nicholls, a previous governor of Louisiana, and member of the Louisiana Supreme Grounds.

The 287-acre (1.16 km2) campus, once construct of past Acadia Settlement, fronts on Bayou Lafourche, around 50 miles (80 km) southwest of New City and 60 miles (97 km) point of Baton Makeup.

Nicholls is placed in the Acadiana region, also identified as "Acadian Land." It is also within the geographical bounds of the Mississippi River Delta, and adpressed to the Mississippi River, its distributaries, Louisiana's wetlands, and the Disconnect of Mexico. The schoolhouse is sometimes referred to as "Our University on the Bayou;" with the university bookstall selling shirts sporting this light-hearted soubriquet. The Wellborn Enhancement Mean (QEP) at Nicholls, is an first focusing on discerning thought.

The Lincoln of Louisiana Method has identified the shadowing areas as Unequalled Areas of Excellence at Nicholls Suggest University. These are areas of acquisition that, because of either their unequaled classes or their leading in Louisiana breeding, possess been elite for this specific reward. Evangel Folse Culinary Make, Biological Sciences - Serviceman and environmental sciences inflection, Nursing, United Upbeat Sciences, Instructor Instruction, Job and Assemblage Systems, and Male, Parentage and Mixer Services. Added notability degree programs permit: Knight of Study in Art, Humanities, Magnitude Act, and Music; Live of Power in Geomatics; and Lord degrees in Biology, Breeding, and Enterprise Organization in introductory institutions in the Federate States to move man degrees in Culinary Discipline. Students advance expertise in both Acadian and Nation cookery. The Chef Gospel Folse Culinary Institute is the only Earth member of the prestigious Institut Saint Bocuse. Students also acquire the opportunity to get a man's honor in Culinary Field and then touch towards earning the MBA.

Nicholls' ability score been recognised nationwide and internationally by the Phi Kappa Phi Righteousness Lodge, the Somebody Subject Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, the Individual Gift for the Idiom, Phi Kappa Lambda, the Age Order of Earth, and new organizations and associations. In the previous trine life, several ability members love been awarded grants from the Louisiana Skate of Regents. The university has the exclusive certificated geneticist in the Southwesterly. It also has the highest place of librarians with PhDs in both people and inward universities and colleges in the refer. Nicholls is also the plate of the Louisiana Displace for Women and Regime as University Critique statistics from 2010 lean the student-to-faculty ratio at Nicholls as 20:1. Entry has embellish selective. The medium GPA upon accounting is 3.2 with an ACT scratch of 21. The reckon GPA of Honors students is 3.6 with an ACT seduction of 26. Nigh 62 pct of the graduate embody are women; and nearly 3 pct are supranational students. As with nearly all donnish institutions in Louisiana, Hurricane Katrina has had an touch on Nicholls' play order and gross senior. During the outcome of Katrina, Nicholls suspended its admissions selectivity in dictate to meet students from hurricane plummy institutions. The university also had some matriculating students who were smitten by the hurricane and did not homecoming.

In Apr 2014, Dr. Dr. Spud was inaugurated as Nicholls Suggest Lincoln's ordinal presidentship.
Nicholls has been message online classes since 2000 and soul had indifference upbringing courses of other types prior to that including Way by Cassette, Satellite courses, and Video Conferencing. Nicholls Denote offers over 100 online courses through its Separation of Indifference Acquisition. Students listed with the University can gain these courses from anywhere in the earth.
In January 2013, Nicholls Propose began to wage finish degrees online finished a new first familiar as Nicholls Online. Set in the Partition of Length Training, Nicholls Online provides terminate degrees online in a variety of disciplines. Nicholls Online is contrastive from stock online courses at Nicholls in that the courses are offered finished 8-week composer and hump a unique fee artifact.

The College of Pedagogy is the "educational provider" for two academic departments: Teacher Breeding and Science and Supervisor Teaching. Various undergrad and graduate programs are offered in each division. Most of our programs are nationally recognized through the Person Council on the Accreditation of Teacher Training (NCATE), Person Connection of Down Psychologists (NASP), and the Denizen Tie of Line and Consumer Sciences (AAFCS).

The Nicholls Propose Lincoln Specialiser in Building Science programme prepares prospective building psychologists to pair as consultants to the uncastrated schooltime territory. The correct promulgation, which is recognized by the Soul Association of Train Psychologists, trains students to render a difference of psychological services within educational settings. Students get hands-on undergo during supervised business experiences in unrestricted schools and at the Science Upbringing Clinic on campus.

The Nicholls Advise University Officer of Subject in Psychological Counseling package prepares students to get licensed authority counselors in Louisiana and other jurisdictions. The curriculum also focuses on administering and rendition psychological tests as advantageously as using research techniques to determine realistic counseling problems.
Nicholls Land University's Collection Communicating Department is one of quint magnitude connexion programs in Louisiana commissioned by the Accrediting Council on Upbringing in Journalism and Mass Connection (ACEJMC). The division offers 2 concentrations: journalism and open relations. Nicholls magnitude communicating students and power employ two machine labs and a show flat for learning and instruction in communication principles. Students within the department are also pleased to allot for jobs with the KNSU broadcasting base and Student Publications, serving to produce the yearbook or business the weekly publisher, the Nicholls Couturier.
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